13 years ago today, at 8:46am, the first hijacked plane hit the World Trade Centre. RIP to everyone that passed away.


my life is so bored

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So when i wake up in the morning

I told to myself:  
“i can´t be wrong, i can´t be nuts  for saying this”. It´s a call to the message of love..
When I saw you for the first time, I knew something was growing.
Singing and singing In silence I said.. “Wow what a feeling
and started to write about this experience which  I love.
And the first time I heard your voice, harmony flew and music began.
The only thing what I need is your love.. Remember that night?
When there was only you and I, the world was quiet while our looks spoke
further than words.. without  saying anything, we where together traveling
In a starlit sky, remember? A summary from that day.. so after then I `m not wrong,
Not even nuts for saying it.. The only thing that I need is your love.. image


Indian Dread Pipe